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Web Hosting Glossary

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Active Channel

  Active Channel, from where one can easily avail frequently updated information's. Generally web publishers creates the default schedule for the Channel Definition Format (CDF) and it results in this that users can easily subscribe to these channels if they do have CDF capable browser for instance Internet explorer.


  It is all about connecting innumerable systems and then making them work and appear like a one machine. This effort is done to increase the trust, reliability and performance also.

Control Panel

  It will surely be included in your hosting package; it basically makes your work manageable. Generally this panel will help you in uploading files, changing contact information, add email accounts and much more. Web based applications will be easily managed from this control panel.


  Digital Subscriber Line, it is the simple way of connecting the system from the Internet by using the telephone line. The best thing is that it does not block the telephone line and is very fast in speed also but yes it could be an expensive affair simply because it requires special equipments.
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