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Q: Using a Linux Based Server to Host Your Business Website Added on: Nov 18, 2015
ANS:  One of the best things to look for when you are looking where to keep your websites is what operating system the servers run. One of the best types is run using linux vps web hosting and this is because it is stable and the way that it is designed doesn't allow the numerous viruses to affect it. Thi.. More..

Q: Linux VPS Hosting USA Based Added on: May 12, 2015
ANS:  In case you're exceeding your web hosting or essentially need more control, an oversaw VPS (Virtual Private Server) is the best legitimate decision for your hosting needs. It provides you more opportunity for root access to Apache and PHP, in addition to this; you can introduce a SSL certificate, an.. More..

Q: Window VPS Hosting - What Type is Way Better? Added on: Apr 16, 2015
ANS:  There is also an option to use Windows as the operating software on your VPS hosting server, but which way is the best? There are many different things that you need to look at when you are choosing your server. Make sure to select the one that works best for you and your company instead of the one .. More..

Q: How to Choose a VPS Host Added on: Jul 10, 2014
ANS:  Choosing a VPS host is easier said than done. Here is a list of things, from a client's POV(point of view), what clients should look for in a host and what every host should be striving for: •         Choose a Virtual Private Server provider who has thei.. More..

Q: Unmatchable & Cheap VPS hosting in India Added on: May 21, 2014
ANS:    The increasing problems faced during downtime and the absence of freedom is what you horribly experience in a shared server hosting. Similarly you almost have to empty your pockets while using a dedicated server hosting.  Then emerged Go4VPS- with services of VPS hosting in India. An u.. More..

Q: Windows as a Web host Inexpensive for Small Business Added on: Apr 23, 2014
ANS:  Windows Hosting solutions are more secure and have dynamic functionality fascinating development. Windows web hosting is a low cost option for small businesses since it provides higher compatibility. Windows web servers are user friendly and cost effective as they reduce operating expenses through t.. More..

Q: Windows VPS Hosting Helping Your Business Scale New Heights! Added on: Apr 08, 2014
ANS:  If the problems of a shared server hosting plan are stopping you from taking your business to the next level and you can’t afford a dedicated server, then Windows VPS hosting is something that you must look at. A Windows VPS hosting plan offers multiple advantages like surety of resources and .. More..

Q: Windows VPS Hosting - A Big Lift to Website Developers Towards Success Added on: Apr 04, 2014
ANS:  Windows VPS Hosting – Helping Your Business Scale New Heights! If the problems of a shared server hosting plan are stopping you from taking your business to the next level and you can’t afford a dedicated server, then Windows VPS hosting is something that you must look at. A Windows V.. More..

Q: Get benefitted by Linux VPS hosting and enjoy freedom and flexibility Added on: Dec 11, 2013
ANS:    Hosting website with the help of Linux VPS hosting is actually a great and a good decision. These have now helped by replacing the dedicated servers with the main servers that is mainly used for the purpose of supporting a website of a company. The best thing about Linux VPS hosting are that.. More..

Q: Difference between Managed and Unmanaged VPS Added on: Nov 15, 2013
ANS:  There are different kinds of Virtual Private Servers or VPS and there are different ways of distinguishing them as well. One of these distinctions are to recognise whether a virtual private server is managed or whether it is an unmanaged virtual private server. The main distinction is to simply reco.. More..

Q: VPS Hosting v/s Dedicated Web Hosting: What is the difference? Added on: Aug 29, 2013
ANS:   The Virtual Private Server (VPS) is an internet hosting service where the VPS has its own operating system running where the customers have an access and can install any software that is running on that OS. Dedicated Web Hosting service on the other hand is an internet hosting service where th.. More..

Q: Which Administration Tools Do You Need for Your VPS Hosting Plan? Added on: Aug 08, 2013
ANS:   If you are looking to get a new website up and running, the last thing that you want is to be spending time and money configuring and managing your web server. Virtual Private Server (VPS) is a web hosting solution that enables your site to run from a personal server rather than using a web ho.. More..

Q: Benefits of a Web host with FREE Marketing credits Added on: Jul 24, 2013
ANS:   Discovering a web host with free marketing credits can take some of the strain out of setting up your industry. If you are creates a new brand from scratch/ just refining a new paid marketing campaign with targeted sites for a specific product, marketing credits can be a significant part of ea.. More..

Q: Dedicated Servers, Cloud Servers and VPS: Know Which One You Require Added on: Jul 19, 2013
ANS:   Web hosting is no longer a strange term to most of the individuals. Almost everyone is acquainted with the term. However, there are certain issues that often confuse the individuals when it comes to choosing the hosting service.     Over last few years web hosting service has had a.. More..

Q: What is Website Bandwidth and How Much do you actually Need? Added on: Jul 10, 2013
ANS:   Primarily, Bandwidth is the amount of data which can be transmitted (bits/second) over a respective channel, fondly referred to as "data transfer rate". However, it is also known the amount of traffic permitted between the Internet and your respective website. Ultimately, Web hosts m.. More..

Q: What are Powerful Features Of cPanel? Added on: Jun 27, 2013
ANS:   The cPanel (Control Panel) is basically a web based Unix hosting panel which is a user-friendly graphical interface that can provide scrupulous control as well as easy to use administration tool for the easy and quick access to all the features available in particular account plan. The main se.. More..

Q: Why should one use Linux VPS for Web Hosting? Added on: May 27, 2013
ANS:   VPS (Virtual Private Server) is a physical server installed on your desktop or laptop. Through this virtual server, you can be able to run manifold servers very independently and keep them activated separately as well.    The reason behind calling this server ‘Private’ .. More..

Q: How to transfer hosting of website? Added on: Apr 03, 2013
ANS:   The requirement of the website keeps on changing from time to time. Thus there comes the need to transfer and modify the hosting plan of the website. There are various things that have to be kept in mind before proceeding with the transfer of the webhosting plan to other. Below are the steps t.. More..

Q: What You Need to Know About Cpanel hosting? Added on: Mar 13, 2013
ANS:  Every website needs a good website Hosting server in order to get the best of business. The web hosting services offer the flexibility of being visible online globally. The other benefit that a good hosting service would provide you with is the flexibility to modify your website and the softwares in.. More..

Q: What are the main difference between domain registration and web hosting? Added on: Feb 06, 2013
ANS:  The process of creating a website and getting it online is a real pain, especially for the people who are not from the technical background. Therefore, the confusion regarding the concept of domain registration and web hosting is obvious to arise. We need to understand that web hosting and domain r.. More..

Q: How to choose right web hosting company? Added on: Dec 23, 2012
ANS:  The age of internet implies it is the time of web hosting and without it you cannot stay accessible online. There is plethora of web hosting company offering services, but all are not the same. Hence, a wise choice is essential to get the best. How to choose the right web hosting company India?&.. More..

Q: How VPS server is different from dedicated server? Added on: Dec 19, 2012
ANS:  Deciding on the server type can be confusing as the internet is filled with offers claiming to offer you the best. However, you need to comprehend the difference between a VPS server from a dedicater server. VPS Server The most popular alternative is VPS hosting to mid and small businesses. The .. More..

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